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Friday, 7 October 2016

School Life - Exams

Exams are extremely hard especially if you are in the higher years of secondary school. I don't know anyone who enjoys exams, I dread them; I have done ever since I was little. I remember when my older cousins were doing their exams I always heard them talk about it to my family and always thought they sounded scary, by the way that they described them. I ask my mum and dad about them before I went to sleep most nights for a certain period of time and asked how many days it was until I did them - I really didn't understand them. However, I am here now doing my exams.

I have been told how important exams are ever since I was in primary school but I hear it a lot more now. Exams are important no matter what you want to do in the future: Doctor , Dentist , Artist , Fashion Designer ect... Even if you want to go down the path of being a YouTuber or singer for example then you should always have exam results to fall back on if it doesn't work out. I believe that anyone can be whatever they want and even if that means doing your exams and working hard I it is worth it in the end.

Why would any teenager want to be sat inside all day doing extra school work at home? I know that's what I think too. Revision is very stressful but it has to be done to get the grades you want. Yes it is very boring but it can be made more enjoyable. (Enjoyable not fun) Revision can never be fun!

I thought of ways I revise because I try to make it as less boring as I can, maybe these could help you:

Always have a variety of snacks so you don't have to keep stopping and disturbing yourself.
I usually have a lucozade, unhealthy I know but it keeps me energized so I can do as much as I can.
A packet of crisps - prawn cocktail all the way.
Any fruit -  I have blackberries and strawberries.
Sometimes I make a smoothie using fruit. It keeps me feeling fresh and awake.
Also, remember to drink lots of water to keep you hydrated.

Taking Breaks
Knowing when to take a break from revising is always important. If you feel like you have done enough then have a rest.
Keep up with your social life, see your friends, do something fun. Don't just spend all of your time revising; keep time to do things you enjoy so it doesn't get too stressful or overwhelming.
When you have free time try to relax and totally forget about revision.
If you don't have time to do something fun with your friends because you've left revising too late ( l do this too sometimes) then revise with your friends but actually be productive and do revision. Having your friends there can also make it less boring so you will work harder.

Every time I revise I always listen to music.I have to, It keeps me going. Something about listening to music makes revising more bare-able.
I usually listen to calming music because I know that if I put something more up-beat on then I will end up loosing track, probably dancing around my room.
Calming music is very relaxing and helps you to concentrate.

Revision Techniques
Being Creative - If you like drawing and art then draw pictures to symbolize what you are learning about. It just makes it more entertaining, for me anyway.
Colourful - Bright colours help you to remember notes easier. Use highlighters, post-it-notes and colour co-ordinate mindmaps or create flash cards.
Don't put it off - Don't leave it to the last minute ( like me, oops) the more you worry about it and put it off, the less time you have to do it. Which makes it harder, when you come to do it, because you have to rush.

I know you don't want to do it, but who does? Certainly not me!
Just get on with it, do it and it will be over before you know it.
In fact, I should be revising right now but it's okay because I'm writing this,no? Oh well I suppose I'm being productive and kind of practicing English.

I hope this was useful to everyone who is going through exams.
                                                                                                     Mia x