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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

School life

School can be a very confusing place. It could be some of the best days of your life or some of the worst days of your life. The experience can be different depending on who you are, but remember millions of other children across the world are in the same situation that you are. Sometimes school can be fun spending everyday with your best friends or it can be very stressful and hard especially with exams and GCSE'S.

I've been through the worst and the best times in school and I'm pretty sure that I've been through every single awkward, embarrassing and scary situation that there could possibly be, but I know that there is still more to come. Yes, I've called the teacher mum and fell over in front of my whole class. Everything you could ever imagine, I have probably done it. So I wanted to create a number of posts about my journey in school to help teenagers ,like me, deal with difficult times at school and something that 100% of young adults in this generation will be able to relate to and (hopefully)get
useful advice from.

Each week I am going to post about different topics including:
Friendship issues 
Tips on how to survive secondary school
My Winter school routine
I will be uploading on a Monday and Friday at 5pm. Don't forget to check them out!